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Queensland Luxury Cruising:
Whether cruising the beautiful Whitsunday's or the spectacular Islands of Tropical North Queensland - an amazingly colourful underwater world will be revealed. Become a lazy beachcomber or a inquisitive adventurer - just relax and be pampered. Sail or cruise into the sunset on deck with a glass of champagne for an amazing all-inclusive adventure for the ultimate in romantic honeymoons.

Tasmanian Luxury Cruising:
See Tasmanian wilderness and wildlife. Experience some of the most scenic and sought after cruises. Learn about history and culture on one of these eco-tour experiences to Tasmania’s wilderness icons.

South Australian Luxury Cruises:
Sometimes it's blissful to sit back and let someone else do all the work. Indulge yourself aboard one of South Australia’s boutique Murray River cruise vessels. Explore the towering cliffs and calm water ways of the mighty Murray River.

Western Australian Luxury Cruising:
The comprehensive itineraries are tailored to take in the very best features of each destination and the style of cruising ensures a memorable journey is always provided. Cruise the Kimberley region, Rowley Shoals and over the top towards Darwin, Cape York and Tropical North Queensland.

Northern Territory Cruises:
Luxury Cruising is available aboard a range of vessels cruising across the Top End from Darwin to Cairns or Darwin to Broome. “Of the billions of people who have walked this planet, only a few have ever seen what you will see….only a handful will ever explore it in such luxury”.





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