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  New South Wales Luxury

New South Wales boasts a wide range of luxury accommodation and travel options, featuring a range of cultural and historical sites and experiences. With some of Australia's best beaches, amazing Hinterland and Mountain country, including amazing snow and ski options right through to the culinary experiences and wineries, New South Wales offers that something special and luxurious to suit any taste.

Mainland Accommodation:
New South Wales offers an unparalleled array of options that will make the task of selecting a holiday no easy feat. Whether it is a special outback experience, a secluded beach getaway, a shopping frenzy, a wine tour or a skiing holiday New South Wales has it all.

High Country:
Summer or Winter there's so much to see and do on a holiday in the High Country. Spectacular peaks, clear mountain streams and the clean, crisp air provide a brilliant backdrop. From first timers to the experienced skiers there is a ski trail suited to your ability.

Lord Howe Island:
Flying time is under 2 hours from Sydney and Brisbane. The coral waters are crystal clear, the beaches are pristine, there is no pollution, and birds and marine life abound. Best of all, Lord Howe Island is never crowded. The Last Paradise awaits you.

Cruising, Touring and Adventure:
Travel with these experienced Tour Operators - to see, to touch, to smell and to learn. Take a ride to adventure - a journey of discovery. Come with us to capture the emotion and romance, the tragedies and triumphs of New South Wales!

Norfolk Island:
Norfolk Island is accessible via Air New Zealand flying from Brisbane, Sydney or New Zealand. A third of Norfolk Island is within national parks and reserves making bushwalking, mountain biking and bird watching around the spectacular coastline popular activities.





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